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a high-tech company that provides expert advice and effective execution of projects in the field of information technology. We are dedicated to the installation and maintenance of IT systems and IT support to events with the highest level of reliability and security. In your business we can:

  • reduce your costs
  • increase your efficiency
  • add value to your products and services
  • ensure safety

In the mobile world, we can help you gain and maintain
a competitive edge.


sk-buttonWe have developed a family of the world’s most reliable authentication solutions.

filr-buttonWe have participated in the development
of cutting-edge cloud solution
for file sharing.


We have excellent knowledge and up to date overview of the available hardware and software, and online services of most leading providers in the ICT industry. We offer organizations quality advice in the selection of the optimal solution for providing efficient and safe operations.
Our long experience in working with a wide range of ICT systems allows us highly professional planning and implementation of information and communication systems, with a focus on high levels of reliability, security, and accessibility to internal customer service over the web.
We establish effective systems to protect networks, devices and data. In the area of verifying the identity of users, with antivirus and anti-spam protection, intrusion prevention systems, and data loss prevention and archiving we are trusted by the most demanding organizations.
High professionalism, always up-to-date knowledge and rich experience of our professionals provide quality of ICT support at our customers site or using remote access. Excellent knowledge of system administration, Linux and Windows environment, the configuration of routers, security solutions, virtualization, and other ICT services guarantee our customers a superior performance of their ICT systems. Alongside maintenance of information systems we also take care of security, stability, and anticipating potential hazards specific to a particular organization.
We develop custom solutions for specific needs of the users with an emphasis on a high level of reliability and safety, cost savings and a comfortable user experience.
We are the Slovenian leader in congress IT support. We offer consulting and execution of any ICT related issue for even the largest events.



Hot products

Take a look at some of the cutting-edge products that we have developed or participated in their development and now proudly represent.


A family of SMS OTP authentication solutions that ensures the highest level of security and cost-efficiency, at the same time providing top user-friendly experience in the world.


Novell Filr enables permanent access, secure file sharing and instant synchronization of files. Anytime, from anywhere, via any device. From existing servers!

Asset Management

Novell’s tool for comprehensive insight into the status, use and licensing of your hardware and software. Created for incredible cost savings.

Access Manager

NetIQ product that provides single-sign-on access to all web applications, no matter how they are accessed: on the intranet, B2B, B2C, online or in the cloud.


Filr video



Key personnel

  • Information technologies are constantly progressing and I am glad that we are part of global development. But in a rapidly changing world I most like our stable business growth....

    Aleš Gerkman

    poslovni direktor
  • Enthusiasm for technology and innovations has accompanied me since I was a kid. Doing my part in creation of a company that deals with state-of-the-art IT solutions and develops cutting-edge products on a global scale allows me to live my dreams in a pleasant environment with excellent interpersonal relationships....

    Sebastijan Šef

    tehnični direktor, vodja razvoja
  • Years of experience in IT brought me in a great team, where their experience in the field of production processes contributes to the common success of all employees....

    Drago Leben

    direktor prodaje
  • I have been in IT since its early beginnings, having started with the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Ever since then it has been a challenge for me to make unruly machines work properly....

    Bojan Sajovic

    vodja oddelka za podatkovne centre in Suse Linux
  • I am a sport fan that loves speed and flawless functioning, that is why I enjoy working in the GenLan team. My rule is: never fix what works. But as rules are broken, I love new challenges. Working with clients inspires me as I always learn something new....

    Rok Peruzzi

    vodja oddelka za upravljanje z napravami
  • I love hot chilli and creating new hot apps. The incredible expertise of my coworkers at GenLan offers the best environment for personal growth and the relaxed routine allows me to develop my own vision of solutions for making the lives of our users easier....

    Žan Babič

    vodja oddelka za razvoj aplikacij
  • Synchronicity, orchestration and fusion are the elements that create the ecstatic harmonies in music as in IT environments. In GenLan we nurture these values, which inspired me when designing and building the most advanced information systems. Customer satisfaction is complete when we provide solutions which facilitate the work and reduce costs for our clients....

    Gregor Hudobivnik

    vodja oddelka oblačnih storitev


Some certificates


Some notable users

Gospodarsko razstavišče Ljubljana
Grand Hotel Union
Imago Sloveniae – Podoba Slovenije
Keko Varicon
LC Unistar
M&M Intercom
Triglav nepremičnine
and others
National Council of the Republic of Slovenia
National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia
Government of the Republic of Slovenia
Ministry of Public Administration
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food
Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning
Ministry of Justice
Ministry of the Interior
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Office of the President of the Republic of Slovenia
Government Communication Office
US Embassy
and other most respected institutions
The OSCE Ministerial Council
Human Security Network
NATO Parliamentary Assembly
Bled Strategic Forum
CEI Summit
and many other


GenLan d.o.o.
Slovenska cesta 30
SI-1000 Ljubljana

T. +386 1 421 05 10
F. +386 1 421 05 12

VAT: SI15612899
Bank Account: IBAN SI56 2900 0005 5224 576
Founded in August 2004